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DAMS announces country wide, COMPUTER BASED TEST called as DAMS-CBT. The ultimate MOCK test will be conducted in our designated centers on our patented exam software. DAMS-CBT is based on the Item response theory and other guideline provided by NBE and other PG medical Entrance Exam. Test will be in 2 time slots with different sets in different time slots & result will be analyzed with equating and scaling as per the actual exam guidelines. As DAMS today has the largest number of students, this is an opportunity to see and predict your final performance. There is no practice like match practice and DAMS is committed towards giving the best to its students. Response to our last year's CBT was phenomenal and this gives students the advantage of getting familiar with computer based tests which require special skills and this gives them the edge. The toppers in last year's DAMS CBT went on to top various examinations and results in our CBT held in October 2016 mirrord the NEET PG, AIIMS and PGI results held in November-December, 2016.

You will get a very highly accurate score correct upto 4 decimal points.

DAMS will publish a list of scores containing roll numbers, ranks, scores of all those who participate in the test. You will be able to see your position as well as the position of your peers in an examination evaluated by IRT. Thereby, you will get an unique idea about how clustering of scores occur and whether you were affected positively or negatively by the clustering.

DAMS CBT will predict the relative importance of all the 19 subjects that comprise the NEET PG Syllabus. The relative importance of each subject depends on not only the number of questions asked from each subject bus also on the merit given to each question of that subjects. The merit depends on how students are performing in that subjects. So DAMS software will compute and tell you based on the DAMS CBT, which is the order of importance of each subject.


  • Drill-CBT on pattern of multiple PG entrance exams like NEET PG, DNB, AIIMS & NIMHANS.

  • Fully colored image based questions similar to NEET PG and other recent exams.

  • Including scaling and equating.

  • Two different sets of question papers to help to analyze the impact of multiple sets on final rank.

  • Detailed Analysis in different Areas of your preparation.

  • First ever initiative by any coaching institute in India in 2013, and now we are conducting this in 2017 again in more centers across India.

  • Chance to get a real feel of exam few days before. The practice of going to an unfamiliar exam center to write a full 3 hour test, to be able to retain concentration over the entire span of time during the test, to read carefully all questions and managing time gives our students an extra advantage. The test helps to improve the overall speed of answering questions in an exam like environment. Students who experience problem in maintaining the answering speed in the last half of the examination period have reported to have been greatly helped by our CBT in the past.

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